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Games with violence doesnt make your behavior bad!

Well i have read many many articles about that some games affect our behavior.I dont agree with this!Lets see an example a cookie game doenst make you chef right?A sport games evolution soccer doesnt make you proffesional player on … Continue reading

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My opinion on video games

I think that video games are a really fun way to spend your time, but a lot of people say that there are a lot of disadvantages. Well, I agree with them, but there are a lot of advantages too. … Continue reading

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I have been playing Grand Theft Auto5/gta5 since2012.I never wonted to kill someone but belive shouldnt be afect by this.My own opinion depending on what we have to do and how much free time we have.

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Video Games and their Positive Effect on Children

I believe that video games can cause no behaviour problems to children. Playing violent video games doesn't mean you are violent or you are becoming violent. Playing violent video games is a good way for kids to let off steam. … Continue reading

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