My Opinion For violent games-movies

I believe that the effect that a violent video game or movie has on somebody depends on the person! There are children who love playing violent video games and know that this is something which can have a negative effect on them, but they don't influence by these "stupid" games!! Unfortunately, some children have on their mind that through violent video games they will be able to learn ways of protecting themselves!! Another way of thinking of those children is that violence is the best way to solve their own problems, idea which is learned by these games!! One example of an addicted person to violent video games is me! I am addicted to them! But, the best way so as they won't be effected negatively by the games (or movies)  is to understand that this is something fake and that we live in a fake world! Also, children have to understand that there is a negative efect on them without knowing it!

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Video games and violent movies!<3

Video games and violent movies are very exciting in our days so many kids spend a lot of time playing or wacthing them .As a result of this huge argument began a debate if video games and violent movies are beneficial for kids or not! As far as I am concerned video games and violent movies can be very useful or a massive problem so the best we have to do is to play in moderation!


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My opinion

It depends on the person.Everyone could be effected.Others are effected negatively,others positively and others might not be effected.What I mean is that some children may play violent video games and behave violently to other people(negative).Someone else might behave as he behaved before watching a violent movie or playing a violent game(not effected).In the end somebody else by watching a violent movie or playing a violent game they change their mind and they reduce the hours they spend about them because they think of them as something useless(positive).

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Ηello children,

I think that play violent games and see violent movies is very bad for children's behaviour.Not only for childrens but for adults too.Some people invent  bad movies and games.Childrens become addicted to games and movies with violence. In my opinion childrens must play more educational games and see  more educational movies

This is my opinion. I hope I have helped you.

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My opinion on violents games is:

Children become addicted to games with violence.

Children doesnt listen his parents.

Children use very violence.

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My opinion for violent games

Violent games such as Battlefield,Call Of Duty can be very harmful for the brain.These games can addict you very much and intrude you for hours in front of the screen.Compared simulation games with is very good contrary with violent games

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Well that is an easy one! I thing that some games are violent but not to do your sef violent. I'm playing games some of them violent but it doesn't efect me.I'm playing Assassin's  Creed ,Battlefield, Resistanse,InFamous etc, but it doesn't efect me.

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Games with violence doesnt make your behavior bad!

Well i have read many many articles about that some games affect our behavior.I dont agree with this!Lets see an example a cookie game doenst make you chef right?A sport games evolution soccer doesnt make you proffesional player on football right?A video game with violent makes you criminal?How can you say that all the video games make you bad?I am boring to read again and again that  some video games  affect our health or behavior?Lets see a different example about a video game which is a best seller named BATTLEFIELD.I bought this game when i saw it.So i tried to figure out how bad can affect our behavior.I played it and it was amazing.That i am trying to say is that some video games arent affect us!One more thing that i want to say is the pegi(the number which show us the age to play the video game)Some video games has a pegi 18 THAT MEANS THAT ARE FOR ADULTS ONLY!NO FOR MINORS!Also a link about the GTA V which it is the most succesfull video game in the world from The ROCKSTAR GAMES .Lets move on the next part.How can a video game teach you to kill someone with a gun?How do you know to use a real gun in REAL LIFE?Ok some people who will read this they will tell that "Yes but video games has some violent scenes" Like this one? for children who they dont scary to see these)This is mortal combat the pegi from this games is 18 that mean that is only FOR ADULTS!Did you get it?To sum up i think in my opinion that video games doesnt affect our behavior or health from their violence on some scenes or an offensive language again on some scenes!

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About that…

Hey bloggers!

In my opinion, thato violence is the worst thing.

Now, some people invented some violent video games and movies.

But, why?

To make children get scared?

To ''teach'' us hit everyone?

My answer is YES.

Yes, because they ARE bad for all of us.

Not only for children, but for adults, too.

I want to tell everyone NOT to play violent games too much.

Or even not to watch (many) violent movies.

It's for your health!!

This is only my opinion.

I don't know about you.

Think this helped you.



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Here's my opinion about the effect of videogames and violent movies.I think that some videogames aren't dangerous.

But there are also videogames that don't effect people.For example LEGO videogames are fun and creative.They're not dangerous at all. I have many of them and  i haven't changed at all.

I have seen a violent movie once and believe it changes you ! A friend of mine saw a violent movie and he changed his attitude and his behaviour.So don't watcha violent movie ! It will effect really bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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